E.Security Alarm Systems Inc.
E.Security Alarm Systems Inc. is a state licensed and insured, low voltage and esecurity-img250security systems solutions provider in South Florida. We operate primarily in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties in Florida and since 2007, expanded our services to the Caribbean. We provide unmatched security systems solutions to meet the needs of thousands of residential and commercial customers. We also provide installation and service performance for M&S Intercom systems, CCTV surveillance systems, Personal reporting system and personal self defense products along with specific self defense techniques in order to minimize or avoid a potentially threatening or deadly situation.
The vision of E.Security Alarm Systems Inc. is to be the premier provider of trustworthy, professional quality security products and services, meet the demands and exceed the expectations of all customers and shareholders in a timely and affordable manner.
Our mission is to surround our customers with “Security and Peace of Mind”, one customer at a time.
Our values are Trustworthy, Integrity and Performance which serves as our core guidance principles on which we operate, innovate and deliver to our internal and external customers.
We will constantly exemplify the trusting attitude every customer will come to expect.
What we say and promise our customers will be what we do for our customers.
We will meet and exceed our customers and company objectives every time, no excuses.

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